1st Edition IFA
This is the first edition of International Film Award, referred to the year 2012. The list of nominees was announced on 8 February 2012. Winners will be announced, however, on 11 February 2012.


The team of experts of the first edition is composed by:

Nominees and winnersEdit

Nominees and winners for the 1st edition of the International Film Award were:

Best FilmEdit

Best Animated FeatureEdit

Best Action FilmEdit

Best Comedy or Drama FilmEdit

Best Actor in a Leading RoleEdit

Best Actrees in a Leading RoleEdit

Best Supporting ActorEdit

Best Supporting ActreesEdit

Best Original ScreenplayEdit

Best Adapted ScreenplayEdit

Best DirectingEdit

Best CinematographyEdit

Best Film EditingEdit

Best Art DirectionEdit

Best MakeupEdit

Best Costume DesignEdit

Best ScoreEdit

Best EnsembleEdit

Best SceneEdit

Best SoundEdit

Statistics winnings/nominationsEdit

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